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Well, today's playdate at OCP has afforded me a cheeky window of time to write this post, as my daughter crashed out almost immediately after we got in the car and is still going strong, two hours later. Oh wait, the baby's awake.

And now so is said daughter. Okay--


We had a brilliant time today at the playdate! Old friends, games and frolics were delightfully rediscovered back on OCP turf. Popsicles were eaten, a miscellaneous selection of new debris was eagerly found in the sand, and lots of seed pods were pulled open, fallen from the playground tree (anyone know what kind of tree it is? And--more importantly--we can stir-fry these seeds, right?). Yay for nature!

The relentless sunshine stopped for about ten minutes of rain, which caused quite a lot of drama at the time (or maybe it was just my kid, who was both too cold and too hot). Toys were whisked inside and some people took shelter--it was all very exciting.

As the children climbed the equipment with It's a Knockout! levels of commitment, determination and unabridged passion, us adults discussed adding hats to the merchandise for this year. Specifically, purple caps, mesh-backed and with a classy OCP embroidered on the front. Celeste is officially in charge and will be collecting pre-sale orders over the next few weeks--thanks, Celeste!

In other news, the rug is officially de-sanded, de-bugged and all the other relevant de- words, ready for our circle of love next week. A new mop has been purchased, and a very big addition: we have a recycling bin! I learned today that you cannot recycle receipts, so don't do that.

The August schedule is out and available on the website, parents are sufficiently oriented, and the purple folders have been (mostly) handed in. Looking forward to seeing you all next week, if not at the Back to School party at the Morrises' house this weekend (don't forget to RSVP)!


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