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In a cooperative school, parents work as teacher's aids helping children make the transition from home to the school environment for the first time.  Parents are actively involved throughout the school day, helping set up daily activities, reading to students, playing, and supervising play.  

Cooperative schools require a commitment of both time and energy, but the rewards are great. Your child has the opportunity to socialize with a multi-age group of children and share this special time with their parent several days a month.  


A co-op is more than a place for kids - it's a vital support network where you can share your experiences with other parents, build community, and form friendships!

Taking part in a cooperative preschool allows you to be directly involved with your child’s early education.

Parents are able to experience school alongside their child gaining unique insight and fostering an early love of school.

OCP offers the ability to interact with a community of like-minded parents who share your commitment to early childhood education, similar parenting philosophies, and goals.


Co-ops offer a chance to strengthen and reinforce your parenting skills through involvement in school and parent education enrichment opportunities.

Most importantly, choosing a cooperative preschool gives you extra time to bond with your child and create lasting memories together. 

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