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OCP was started as a parent-participatory nursery school in 1992, operating out of a recreation building in Burbank.  

Even though rules and procedures have evolved over the years, the basic goals and structure of the program have remained largely unchanged.  Our graduates number more than 500!

Today, OCP is a cooperative parent participation, play-based preschool program conveniently located in Burbank, CA. The yearly school calendar closely follows Burbank USD. We strive to create a unique environment where learning and playing go hand-in-hand.  Our parents work alongside our Teacher/Director to provide a warm, nurturing school for our children to begin to find their place in society.  Our goals are to provide a school where self-esteem, creativity,

and being a good citizen are the highest priorities.

OCP is a designated safe space, welcoming families from all walks of life. Our community holds diversity, equity, and inclusion as paramount. Most importantly, we want the children to feel safe, loved, and comfortable in expressing and being themselves. 

OCP'S Philosophy & Goals

To provide a unique environment where learning and playing go hand-in-hand

To give our children the freedom of self-expression and creativity

To help our children develop a positive self-image

To help our children feel safe, loved, and comfortable with the world around them

To encourage our children's natural sense of wonder, imagination, and desire to learn

To help our children learn how to express their feelings and ideas

To foster a start with good citizenship by encouraging their communication with and respect for others


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