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Diversity: We commit to being a welcoming community for all families, creating diverse and inclusive learning experiences. Offering children opportunities to ask, “Who am I, and who am I in relationship to others?”

Equity: We review OCP policies and procedures through an anti-bias lens, being curious and asking questions to ensure all families and voices are included. We employ anti-bias strategies in recruiting staff and membership. We build equitable and accessible spaces for all children. Children have a chance to ask, “How many ways can we play?”


Inclusion: All children and families see themselves as part of the community. We create an environment that supports multiple voices and multiple ways to participate. Children have a chance to ask, “In what ways do I see myself as part of the community?”

Justice: The partnerships formed at OCP between teachers, children, families, and communities provide a space of engagement with advocacy and activism, as well as teaching for social justice and democracy. We seek to engage in reflection to understand our students’ identities and experiences, as well as those of the larger community. We challenge children to think deeply and explore collaboratively, to pay attention to their own and others’ emotions and needs

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