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October Fun: Pre-K, Pictures and Pumpkins

And just like that we have finished up week three of Pre-K and are knee-deep in spider sequins and pumpkin pulp... How'd that happen?

This year's pre-K cohort are off to a cracking start. On day one they shocked everyone by calmly filing out onto the picnic tables and eating their packed lunches in a very civilized manner, before happily playing together on the little slide. When Teacher Jenn called them to attention they all lined up excitedly and shouted out the chant she taught them with gusto (and just a little bit of "What the heck is going on here...?!" from some). Three weeks in and they're experts now, still enjoying their lunch dates and excited about the afternoon ahead.

They kick off each Pre-K session at the Feelings board, where they point out the feeling that best describes their current mood. They hone their letter writing skills and write out their names each session, perform science experiments, and create stories together. This month the theme is, unsurprisingly, Halloween. Pumpkins abound!

Speaking of which, pumpkins were bounded over at our annual field trip to Underwood Farms last week. Parents and kids alike had a great time riding in the wagon through the fields, picking out their pumpkins, playing in the haystacks, tunnels and trains, and feeding the goats and emus. Thanks to Mr Michael for organizing!

Last week was a busy one, with Picture Day on Monday. This year our very own Teacher Jenn took the photos, and they are adorable. The individual shots are at a vintage desk with a stack of books, and the result is the cutest thing I've ever seen. The link to the online gallery has been sent out to current families--you are welcome to share it with your families too. Happy shopping, and thanks Teacher Jenn!

In other pumpkin-related news, everyone is really enjoying all the Halloween-themed arts and crafts. The large pumpkins we got for our classroom at Underwood Farms have been very carefully painted and decorated by our artistic friends, and on display now. And today's art activity was possibly my favorite one yet (and I wasn't the only one, judging by the amount of parents hovering around the art tables today after circle time): skeletons made from Q-tips and paper skulls on a neon orange background! I'm definitely framing ours--I mean, my child's...

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