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February Love

February was a great month here at OCP! From Valentine’s Day to our annual Game Night, we have had our share of celebrations this month.

The month kicked off with Parent Enrichment Night. We graciously hosted Amity Grimes, a parent educator who teaches two different parenting classes through the Parent Education program at GCC. She reminded us all that even the most difficult phases of parenting a little one are all a part of our children’s growth, and that we are not alone!

Valentine’s Day brought a beautiful celebration of our kids’ love and friendship. We held our Valentine’s Day party at school. The kids enjoyed decorating cupcakes and cookies with loads of frosting and sprinkles, as well as filling their Valentine’s Day bags with treats and notes from all of their peers. The best part of the day might have been the chalkboard decorated with words in an assortment of handwritten fonts. Each word or phrase written on the chalkboard was a response that our OCP kids had given when asked “What is love?” We now know that love can mean hugs, kisses, being kind, sharing video games, and cake (of course)!

February wrapped up with our annual Game Night fundraiser. It was a much-needed night out for our parents, complete with a heated bowling tournament that helped us all let loose for a bit. In the days leading up to Game Night, our OCP kids pitched in to decorate the trophy for the winner of bowling tournament. The winner can now proudly showcase the sequined and feathered trophy in their home, to enjoy for many years to come.

This Spring semester continues to race by. We can hardly believe it, but we’re getting ready for the upcoming Silent Auction fundraiser on May 3rd. If you have any items or contacts for donations to contribute to the auction, please let us know! Additionally, if you’d like any information about the fabulous parenting classes at GCC mentioned above, please feel free to reach out. You can get in touch through our website or Facebook page.

As always, thank you for being a part of our OCP family!

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