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Our Children's Place
is a cooperative parent participation,
play-based, child-led, inclusive
preschool and pre-k program located in Burbank, CA.

Preschool program

We offer a half-day preschool program 1-3 days a week. Our teacher provides children with a daily process art project as well as access to a painting easel with washable paints and other sensory play options. There is open access to a variety of creative and open-play choices including a dramatic play area, dress-up, our playground structures, blocks, and more.


Pre-K program

Pre-K for 4 and 5-year-olds is a play-based alternative to traditional TK programs. Held 2 days a week after preschool, OCP Pre-K is built on a model of project-based collaborative learning. Process art, science, music, movement, and creative thinking are further explored through an age-appropriate curriculum.

See Why OCP is such a special place...


Why Play-Based?

As children play together, they learn to cooperate, communicate effectively, problem-solve, and resolve conflicts. They learn to take turns, wait, and share. 

Studies show that play promotes a child’s literacy and language development, bolsters creativity, develops motor skills, boosts confidence and social-emotional learning, and fosters a positive joyful attitude toward learning.

Play is essential to education. Play is education for children

The foundation of a play-based education in early childhood sets children up for a lifetime of emotional intelligence and resilience!

We strive to make play-based early education

available to all families in our community!



OCP is a safe space where children are encouraged to feel all their big feelings, hold space for them, and learn to recognize and name them. Feelings charts are used throughout the day to build emotional awareness. Our teacher takes time to create a warm and trusting relationship with each student. Sharing is never forced, instead, we encourage turn-taking and allow children to self-determine sharing to reinforce self-esteem and kindness. All grown-ups are instructed to get down to children's eye level and truly listen to their needs, modeling positive behaviors and gratefulness.  Mindfulness practices are introduced at circle time including age-appropriate breathing meditation and whole-body awareness. A calm corner is available throughout the day for any student who needs a quiet space to reflect with grown-up support always available.

OCP welcomes students of all neurotypes!

We seek to embrace and accommodate all learners and their unique learning styles. OCP fosters an environment where all students feel seen, heard, and understood. Learning is differentiated to adapt to each child's needs. Students are encouraged to think of all classmates as friends, furthering their sense of belonging and community.

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Build a community of like-minded parents, spend quality time with your little one, and prepare for preschool with this ongoing drop-in summer program.

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