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Kids Painting


Spring Play Days


May 4th - 28th

Tuesdays and Fridays

9am - 11am

Burbank, CA

Come see what we're all about

We invite prospective families, interested in joining OCP Fall 2021, to experience our co-op preschool through 8, outdoor centered, play days! 


Week 1

Tuesday and Friday

9am to 11am

Growing Together

May 4th

plant real seeds in your own

take-home gardens

May 7th

Let's be Bakers!

what will you create in our play kitchen

Week 2

Tuesday and Friday

9am to 11am


May 11

play-safe chemistry fun

May 14

Music Makers

join us with our special guest for a musical day

Week 3

Tuesday and Friday

9am to 11am

Let's be Painters!

May 18

the paints are coming out today! time to get colorful!

May 21

Bubble Busters

a special guest to put on a show and teach us all about bubbles

Week 4

Tuesday and Friday

9am to 11am


May 25

summer is nearing, let's cool off with some water

May 28

Party Time!

join us for a dance party on our last day together this spring

frequently asked questions


Where will OCP Spring Play Days be held?

At Larry Maxam Park in Burbank, CA. You'll be able to spot us by our large purple canopy. 


How much is it to attend?

There is no fee to attend OCP play days! We're happy to offer these days tuition free as a kind of on-going open house to prospective families for our fall school year. If you would like to donate to our operational costs regardless, please reach out to or see our support page.


May I drop off my child?

No. While our co-op usually operates on a rotating parent volunteer cycle, OCP play days are meant to have at least one parent/guardian in attendance at all times. 


Can I bring a sibling who isn't preschool age?

Yes, of course! We just ask that you let us know on your registration form so we have enough supplies for everyone. If you are unable to edit your form, please contact


Do I need to be a previous OCP member to participate?

Not at all! We're happy for the opportunity to get to know your family- whether it's again or for the first time. We do hope you consider us for the fall 2021 school year, though!


Can I bring a neighbor/friend's child?

Yes, but we will require a note from the child's parent or official guardian stating that you are responsible and how to contact them in the event of an emergency.  


Will there be a snack provided?

OCP Spring Play Days will not provide a snack or drink for children. Please supply your own snacks or drinks, to be eaten at least 10 feet from our play area with the purple canopy.


Is there a dress code?

OCP's color may be purple, but at Play Days there is no dress code! Just whatever your child is most comfortable in for play. Things can get messy, so we suggest clothes that are tough against things like mud, grass and washable paints. Children must arrive and remain fully clothed. We also ask at this time that all adults and children over 2 years of age wear masks or face coverings while attending.


What supplies should I bring?

Nothing! OCP is play based and plans to supply everything we need for a great time. Check out our schedule if you're curious what kind of things we'll be playing with each time we meet. A change of clothes is never a bad idea, though. Especially on Hydrology day!


What COVID safety practices do you have in place?

We will be doing our best to keep all play-based activities outside at the park. We kindly ask all adults and children over 2years of age to please wear face coverings or masks. We also will ask all hands to be cleaned before entering our play area and periodically through out play. Please do not bring snacks into the play area. We respectfully ask if anyone in the household is ill or showing signs of COVID-19 that they do not attend. 


Where can I find out more information about OCP or Fall 2021? 

Please navigate to the 'About Us' portion of our site to read more about OCP and what a Co-Op is.

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